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What is Moda Makers Digital

Moda Makers Digital is an online portal designed to display and select from next new collections from italian supporting clothing manufacturers. It allows them to interact with new clients and suppliers and stay in contact with the many visitors who usually attend Moda Makers, to receive requests and follow up leads.

Through our dedicated portal, these companies will be able to present their garments, communicate the company profile and publicise, with high visibility, their creations. Authorised visitors only may access the portal, read the profiles and browse exhibitor creations.

Who is Moda Makers Digital aimed at

Moda Makers Digital is aimed exclusively at industry professionals from the clothing sector and sales agents who interface with importers, retailers and specialised outlets.

From next 12th of november 2021 we will update with next Fall Winter 2022 2023 collections. All the registered buyers and sales agents will have the opportunity to set up direct relationships with producers and select clothing requests. This will allow them to select the garments for their distribution network of for individual clients.

What is in Moda Makers Digital

In the portal, it will be possible to view and select from the garments displayed by exhibitors. Visitors will be able to enter a series of requests in a virtual commission copy that will be sent on when confirmed.

It’s also possible to request modifications to the selected garments, personalizing the initial request sent to the producer.

Why Moda Makers Digital

Moda Makers Digital was set up to present samples to buyers who are not able to travel and stay in the Distretto di Carpi, as usually happened in previous editions of Moda makers.

The portal intends to eliminate the physical distance between buyer and producer, so opening the way for new buyers to emerge, once they have been formally verified.

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