Nives MorĂ  - Armonie - Tendenze
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The history of Creazioni Nigi's began in 1972 thanks to Nives and Giovanni, and continues today through their daughters Cristina and Laura. And since our very beginning, is Nives herself who discovers our true voice, personally designing all our collections whit the same passion that allows her to see her next dress right in the folds of fabrics. Nives MorĂ : this collection represents the highest point of Nives' creativity.Here you will find formal and elegant dresses, whit classic but fresh design. Armonie is a collection specifically designed by Creazioni Nigi's to dress everyday life in class and elegance. Tendenze is our collection especially dedicated to curvy, classy looks. Every single dress of Creazioni Nigi's is conceived and produced entirely in Italy and we only work whit selected italian fabric: thus,we design and produce true italian fashion.

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