Vlt's by Valentina's
  • Dresses, Shirts
  • Spring/Summer 2022
  • Private Label
  • Accepts custom requests

Experienced, reliable, fashionable, stylish. Dani Confezioni in a nutshell. Dani Confezioni has a vast experience in the woman’s shirt sector that spans more than forty years, and in that time, the company has succeeded in making a name for itself. Carefully selecting only the best quality fabrics, finishes and trims, and always true to the Made in Italy concept of style, the wholesaler produces and distributes various brands for both slim and larger ladies, with collections that offer both daywear and shirts for special occasions. The production is entirely Italian and is located in Tuscany. In house designers and pattern makers follow the latest fashions and transfer their ideas to the production, making sure that their creations are in line with current trends. The company is proud to be one of the few in Italy that still has work groups of professionals who carry out many of the production process- es manually. Constant checks on the fabrics, finishes and trims and, last but not least, on the Our product is designed for the woman who wants to express her personality in the shirts she wears. This is why we pay attention to each and every single small detail in order to ensure that the quality of our products is second-to-none. wearability of each garment, mean that factory flaws are few and far between. Dani Confezioni also focuses on making the brand “Vlt’s by Valentina’s” a household name, by promoting it in the fashion press and online, monitoring the distribution channels, and most of all by making important investments in communication campaigns, that have paid off financially and helped to popularise the brand image. Each new Dani Confezioni collection is yet more important proof of the passion that compels the company to continue improving!

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