• Skirts, Trousers
  • Spring/Summer 2022
  • Private Label
  • Accepts custom requests

Infuse the passion for women and their femininity: an ideal of life and a daily commitment that Lea Bruni instills in its collections. Lea Bruni means attention to fabrics, attention to detail of each garment and continuous research of materials and models able to combine the constant quality of the collections with the fashion trends that follow one another from season to season. 20 years of history and experience in the production of women's clothing, this is the quality brand of Lea Bruni. The woman who dresses Lea Bruni is not satisfied with just a modern style, but demands attention and attention to detail; the same attention that he infuses in his wardrobe, choosing only carefully selected garments, capable of enhancing the femininity of his silhouette with a refined and elegant style, and never excessive. Whether a young woman engaged in work and social life or a fashion-conscious lady, thanks to her comfortable and calibrated sizes, Lea Bruni has the right dress to make her feel at ease in any situation. Cotton, wool, viscose, jeans, garment dyed, our customers can choose from the best fabrics suitable for dressing every season and always with attention to the smallest detail for a style made of all-Italian charm and elegance. This is how the features of the Lea Bruni woman are outlined: a woman who is not satisfied only with a modern style, but demands attention and who only puts carefully selected garments in her wardrobe capable of enhancing the femininity of her silhouette without ever being excessive.

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