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  • Spring/Summer 2022
  • Private Label
  • Accepts custom requests

Victoria C. belongs to Settimocielo S.r.L., the brand's production company based in Carpi (MO) Italy. Victoria C. was born in 2005 thanks to the experience in the world of women's fashion clothing of the Spaggiari sisters, Raffaella and Francesca. Today the brand makes use of the internal collaboration of fashion designers coordinated by Raffaella, who are constantly looking for new fashion trends for the Italian and foreign market. Victoria C.'s Marketing project starts with a careful analysis of the market by men of business products. Seeing the most diverse realities in Italy, Europe, Japan and the United States and cultivating direct and assiduous contact with those who work in the field, the commercial VIctoria C. grasps a real and emerging request from the end customer. The new wishes are oriented towards a glamorous and at the same time daily, international style, with Italian taste and workmanship. The Victoria C. brand was created to create and offer 100% Made in Italy collections, with a fair value for money, designed for retailers who want to offer, alongside the brands, a proposal with the same appeal, but with an attractive price. in order to attract the customer more frequently, thanks to the seasonal proposal of scheduled ready and season ready capsules. Product proposals perfectly in line for stores with constant economic and purchasing changes. The results of this market reading were not long in coming. After the first delivery, the sell out was very high and word of mouth was equally rapid, so much so that today Victoria C. has decided to make an important investment in a brand engagement strategy that develops on social media to raise awareness of the Italian market as well as that of European countries. and non-Europeans. Victoria C. is ready to invest in all her human capital in order to follow growth properly. The company is ready to forge relationships with new distributors and new partners in order to be able to face foreign markets using the knowledge of the various local professionals to achieve the best results in a long-term strategy.

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